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The InformatiQ team have extensive experience with digitalization and visualization for the oil and gas industry. Starting out with our first client, AkerBP and the Ivar Aasen field back in 2016.

The unique mix of deep understanding of the oil and gas industry and its work processes, combined with a good understanding of digital systems provides a great foundation to find the best digital solutions.


We are a small team that can provide rapid improvements and implements new ideas quickly and without large processes to approve the change.


InformatiQ is the result of 5 years of experience regarding data handling and visualization.

There are several products in the pipeline to further improve the day-to-day work in the oil and gas industry.

Please follow us on LinkedIn for further development.

Who we are

Ulf Vegard Jensen.jpg

Ulf Vegard Jensen


20+ years experience from the E&P business (Hydro, Statoil, Ross Offshore & Netscenario)

Holds Master in Science from NTNU and Master of Technology Management  from NTNU/MIT Sloan.

Deep understanding related to Drilling & Well processes

Key Architect behind GeologiQ from day 1.




Erlend Søreide

D&W Engineer - Digitalization

11 years experience from the E&P business (Transocean, KCADeutag, Sekal, eDrilling, Ross Offshore and Netscenario)

Holds Master in Science from NTNU.

Has been a key player in selling and delivering GeologiQ to clients. Has a deep understanding of data types and structure. A Drilling Engineer with special skills in digitalization.

Andre Nilsen.jpg

Andrè Nilsen

VP Visual Supply

20+ years experience working with SAP in E&P Supply Chain settings (Hydro, Statoil, Ross Offshore , AkerBP and Netscenario)

Holds BSC from Bergen University College.

Has been a key person in simplifying SAP for operational teams. Currently Functional team lead of Supply Chain Sap S/4 Hana  and Digitalization in AkerBP. Key Architect behind SAP Portal and LogistiQ.

Telephone: +47 906 01 445

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