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reduce costs by optimizing resource utilization in the oil & gas industry

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Visual Logistics

  • Visual supply chain management

  • Optimize logistic track and trace

  • Full traceability from well planning to end delivery and return. 

  • Supply plan linked to rig scheduler/time planner

  • Enables enhanced event planning

  • API to NOROG LogisticsHUB

User- friendly interface

  • Ensure operator, forwarding agent and suppliers work on same platform

  • Visual supply need and tracking

Integration with GeologiQ and Zportal

  • Enables reuse of data

  • Enhanced reporting

  • Reduce engineer/end user time spent in ERP to a minimum

  • End-to-end track and trace

End-to-end logistic tracker
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Please contact Andrè for a demo

+47 99005769

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