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This is a list of our projects

<p>AkerBP - Ivar Aasen</p>

AkerBP - Ivar Aasen

The Ivar Aasen team (Det norske – now Aker BP) were GeologiQ pioneers in 2016. They saw the potential related to experience transfer and decided to build a optimized for production drilling. The result is a model with a comprehensive data set related to drilling and well. Several new features has been developed as a result of this cooperation. This includes visualization of completion strings, presentation module and automated loading of data from reporting and experience systems.

We also performed a test on using Robotics (RPA) to gather data from 3rd party applications and present the results in GeologiQ

<p>AkerBP - Alvheim</p>

AkerBP - Alvheim

The Alvheim model was created for Det Norske (now AkerBP) and consists of Vilje, Volund, Bøyla and Alvheim.

One of the motivations behind building the model was to collect and digitize data from many sources. The data set was very diverse due to change in operator ships.The GeologiQ model building contributed to the digitization of the data.

Experiences and well completions were examples of data that were added to the model.

<p>GEOOP Denmark</p>

GEOOP Denmark

GEOOP is a professional operating company that ensures the successful development and operation of geothermal projects.

For GEOOP a GeologiQ model was made to show how Geothermal energy could be used in the greater Copenhagen area for heating purposes. It started out as a communication job and ended with a model of entire Denmark including both surfaces and all deep onshore wells drilled. The use today spans from engineering purposes to communication with politicians in the Danish Parliament.

<p>OKEA - Grevling</p>

OKEA - Grevling

Early phase field development project. OKEA used this model to get a good overview of reference wells and other relevant information related to a possible future appraisal/field development of the Grevling field.

<p>Point Resources</p>

Point Resources

Built a GeologiQ model of Balder, Ringhorne and Jotun to assist Point Resources in experience capture and data transfer during the transaction of these assets from ExxonMobil to Point Resources.

The model consists of more than 200 wellbores, 250 drilling events and complete subsea layout.

<p>Engineerum (Aker)</p>

Engineerum (Aker)

Engineerium is an interactive technology and science center at Fornebu, Oslo. Modified the Ivar Aasen model to be used as a part of the exhibition. The interactive model has been expanded to include both general information about field development and Q&A

<p>Lundin Norway - Luno II</p>

Lundin Norway - Luno II

Luno II was built to showcase two different field development concepts. Existing wells, experiences and geology where added to the base model. Two development concepts were added, to show the difference between them. Simulated data were added to the wellpath to show the difference in simulated values.

<p>Lundin Norway - Alta Gohta </p>

Lundin Norway - Alta Gohta

Alta Gohta was built to show current field development plans.

​Existing well data was digitized and combined with planned development layout.

Additional data such as shallow gas warnings, CPTU data and survey lines were also added to the model to provide a complete digital twin.

<p>Lundin Norway - Rolvsnes</p>

Lundin Norway - Rolvsnes

Rolvsnes is early concept study, existing data was added and planned pilot well was added to the model. Experiences from the already drilled wells were added to ensure the experience transfer.

<p>AkerBP - Skarv/Ærfugl</p>

AkerBP - Skarv/Ærfugl

The Skarv/Ærfugl model is a visual representation of the Skarv field and the future development currently in planning. The focus has been on the on the infrastructure and future development of the infrastructure surrounding the Skarv field.

<p>Okea - Draugen</p>

Okea - Draugen

A model of Draugen was built for Okea in relation to their recent purchase of the Draugen field from Shell. A data quality check was done prior to building the model with data from Shell, giving a quick and easy overview of the available data and quality of these. The model will be used to visualized future development plans and as a lesson learned for future drilling plans.